Workplace Wellness

With about 20 years of experience as a corporate Human Resource (HR) professional and advanced training as a Functional Health Practitioner and Coach I truly understand the value of educating employees on health and wellness.

I've seen firsthand the impact that a corporate wellness strategy and program can have on an organization.

Whether your employees are back in the office or working from home, they’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety and depression have dramatically increased worldwide and burnout and stress are at all-time highs across professions.

With nationwide labor shortages your company is likely resource constrained meaning your employees are working harder than ever.

Over 70% employers are planning on differentiating their wellbeing strategy and culture to compete for talent.

What are you doing to show your employees that you care?

Are you providing them with the support needed to retain them and keep them engaged?

Sources: WHO, APA, USChamber, Mercer

What can a workplace wellness strategy do for you?

A workplace wellness strategy should include workshops and programs that offer easy to implement health solutions for your whole team. Providing employees the means and educational tools to take control of their wellness can promote a healthier and more productive work environment.

A well-executed program focuses on keeping it simple!

Your employees will benefit from taking some time out of their day to focus on supporting their own mental and physical wellbeing which can reduce healthcare costs, augment productivity and increase employee retention, providing further support for the correlation between personal health and job satisfaction. (SHRM)

A workplace wellness strategy can help your company:

  • Stay competitive. 46% of employers provide wellness resources and information to their employees (SHRM)
  • Improve the wellbeing of your employees. 61% of employees agree that they’ve made healthier lifestyle choices because of their company’s wellness program (aflac)
  • Improve employee engagement/morale. On average, employees who said their organization provided health and wellbeing benefits were 11 percent more engaged than those that didn’t (SHRM)
  • Lower costs. Workplace health initiatives can help reduce healthcare costs for companies by 26% (WHO)
  • Improve productivity. 56% of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs (United Healthcare)
  • Improve recruitment. 89% of employees at companies that support wellbeing initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work (APA)
  • Retain employees. 35% say improving their benefits package is the one thing their employer could do to keep them in their jobs – second only to increasing their pay (aflac)

Work with me

Let me make this easier for you, outsource! Your employees are busy, they don’t have time to implement a wellness strategy from scratch.

My HR background and experience as a Functional Health Practitioner and Coach make me the right choice for your organization. I understand you want to do right by your employees but you also have a business to run.

I also understand that your employees are stressed enough. So, I turn confusing health and wellness topics into digestible bite size chunks of information. My programs work well for both office based and remote employees.

Employees will gain the confidence they need to listen, trust their body’s cues and understand what their body needs. They will walk away with resources and actionable strategies to implement right away.

I can help design your workplace wellness strategy and/or conduct wellness workshops!

Examples of workshops include:

  • Supporting your body with stress
  • Eating for energy and mood
  • Healthy habits for longevity
  • Better sleep for better energy
  • And more…

Let’s chat.

Whether you have a workplace wellness strategy or are starting from scratch I’d love to chat to understand how I can support your organization!

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About me

I have about 20 years of hands-on Human Resource (HR) experience in a variety of different roles in company’s ranging from 60 to over 10,000 employees. I have designed and implemented benefit programs including workplace wellness strategies leveraging tools, resources and relationships at my disposal. A majority of my experience has been working in and resource constrained environments so I know how to stretch a budget!

I am a trained Functional Health Practitioner and Coach from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN), Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and Wise and Well (CMS). I combine my vast HR experience with extensive training in health and wellness to design and develop strategies and programs to meet the needs of your organization and its employees. I am very passionate about educating people on health and wellness topics and I bring knowledge and experience from my training, my 1 on 1 client experience as well as experience from my own health struggles.

When it comes to both business and health, I believe in the power of data. I understand all investments require data to support them. I will work with you to show the results of investing in workplace wellness!