About me

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Certified Midlife Specialist (CMS)

I’m Krissy Nevero, a Northern California based Integrative Functional Health Practitioner and Coach. I help hardworking women over 35 take control of their haywire hormones so they can regain energy to feel like themselves again. 

I'll start by saying: I’ve been where you are.

But not at first! In my 20s I could do it all. I crushed a morning workout before heading into work, worked my ass off progressing my HR career, had an active social life, partied on the weekends and managed to look and feel good the majority of the time.

In my mid 30s I joined a small startup where I was working long hours and my healthy habits went by the wayside. I ate junk food, ordered takeout for dinner, skipped my morning workouts and was drinking most nights to unwind from stressful days.

Eventually, I no longer felt like myself. I gained weight, had to drag myself out of bed, had no energy, was constantly tired but wired, couldn’t fall asleep or woke up multiple times a night and had brain fog that led to embarrassment.

I went to the doctor, in fact, I went to several but was told my labs were normal and I should try to eat better and exercise more.

So I went back to routines that had worked for me in the past, I started running and doing bootcamps, eating healthier, saw a personal trainer and for the first time in my life counted calories aiming to eat under 1,200 per day.

I was exhausted but motivated to get back to being me!

But NONE of it worked.

I was working out hard 5+ days a week, eating the least I had ever eaten so I was always hungry and….lost no weight. I still couldn’t fall asleep or I woke up a lot. I was dragging myself out of bed, had no energy and could barely function in the afternoons. I was so frustrated.

I knew something was off and I wasn’t willing to accept that it was just due to getting older.

Exasperated, I had many consults with Dr. Google and came to the conclusion that there must be something wrong with my hormones. I had no idea what that really meant so I found a functional doctor and she suggested functional lab testing for hormones.

With this data I learned that my body was in a constant state of fight or flight due to stress.

So I tried to reduce stress. I got a new job and worked towards better work/life balance, tried to meditate, did yoga and took baths. The brain fog had improved and I had a little more energy but I still struggled with sleep, couldn’t lose weight and I just didn’t feel like myself.

I listened to ALL the health podcasts and was trying to learn on my own and then I discovered health coaching. I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and learned more about holistic health and then Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to learn more and gain access to lab testing because, as a data driven person, I knew I needed data to understand my health issues.

Through my training and lab work I learned that I was in a stage of life called perimenopause and a lot of the things I was doing that I thought were good for my body, like diet and intense exercise, were really NOT at this stage of life.

I learned how to eat and supplement to address my body’s needs, developed a sleep routine that had me waking up feeling refreshed, moved my body to build strength and health and supported my body with stress.

While it may sound like a lot, some of these changes were quite simple and led to balancing my hormones and improving my symptoms dramatically without medication.

This led me to want to educate and work with women to help them avoid the years of struggle I went through. I do this in my signature program, the Hormone Hormone Method.

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